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Questions and Answers about Mammograms
What is a Mammogram? Mammogram is an x-ray exam of the breast.  It is used to detect and evaluate breast abnormalities, in women who have no breast complaints or symptoms and in women who have breast symptoms such as a lump, pain or nipple disc...

What Is Breast Cancer?
What Is Breast Cancer? Breast cancer is the abnormal growth and uncontrollable division of cells in the breast area. Once the cells begin to grow uncontrollably, they can invade nearby healthy tissue and destroy them. This process usually begins wit...

Clinical Trials
As part of our commitment to providing the most thorough care, Trinitas Comprehensive Cancer Center participates in clinical trials to test new medications and other advances in treatment and technology. Because we believe that patients should have a...

Facts About Breast Cancer

  • Breast cancer is the leading cancer among American women and second only to lung cancer in cancer deaths

  • More than two million women currently living in the U. S. have been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer

  • Only a small fraction of breast cancer cases can be linked to genetics

  • Anyone can get breast cancer-women and men.

  • The risk of getting breast cancer increases as you age

  • Early detection and effective treatment offer the best defense against breast cancer mortality

  • Younger women can also get breast cancer

  • Race is not considered a factor for increased risk of breast cancer

  • Just five percent of all breast cancers occur in women under age 40

  • Rates of developing and dying from disease differ among ethnic groups

  • Never having children or having them later in life is a breast cancer risk factor

  • Almost 30% of African-Americans will die from breast cancer compared to 15% - 20% of other ethnic groups

  • About 85 percent of all women diagnosed with breast cancer DO NOT have a family history

  • Only 10% of breast cancers occur because of inherited genetic traits

  • Women are less at risk of developing breast cancer if they eat a healthy diet and exercise.

  • Breast cancer if caught early is treatable

  • Obesity, physical inactivity and poor nutrition are major risk factors for cancer, second only to tobacco use

  • 1 in 3 Hispanics will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime