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Debra N. Marshall, President
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The Yvonne McCalla Foundation Incorporated (YMF Inc.) aspires to promote awareness about breast cancer, and to encourage and educate minority women about the importance of participating in research studies, particularly those aimed at addressing the socioeconomic and biological factors that contribute to the higher breast cancer mortality rates observed in these groups.

YMF Inc.’s goals are to develop relationships with academic and medical institutions that specialize in breast cancer research, to assist in efforts to explore more effective treatments for breast cancer diseases with poor prognosis, particularly those disproportionately affecting minority women. YMF Inc. also endeavors to promote breast cancer awareness and education for adolescent women as well as the geriatric population.

Scholarship Initiative
Through its scholarship initiatives, YMF Inc. aims to provide financial assistance to minority women who are pursuing higher education in the field of nursing.

The motivation behind the scholarship initiative is to help decrease the financial barriers of obtaining higher education for minority women and to support and encourage the efforts of bringing more diligent and compassionate individuals to the field of nursing.

Since 2008, YMF Inc. has awarded over $10,000 in scholarships to women that are pursuing a nursing degree.

The vision of the Yvonne McCalla Foundation Incorporated is to empower women and save lives by contributing to efforts that will ultimately lead to a reduction in breast cancer mortality rates among minority women.

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